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Watch: Foolish Daredevil Filmed Train Surfing in Australia

A driver cruising along the highway in Australia was stunned to see a foolhardy man hanging onto the back of a speeding train as it barreled down the tracks going 70 miles per hour.

Jaw-dropping footage of the scene, captured by commuter Lace Stone, shows the wannabe daredevil grasping a windshield wiper to keep himself steady on the fast-moving train.

A transit authority official in Australia says that the man could have been killed or suffered devastating injures if he had fallen during the train surfing stunt.

Fortunately, the ridiculous ride didn't last too long as the man's presence on the train was reported to police and he was subsequently arrested at the next stop.

Remarkably, the transit spokesperson lamented that these types of incidents are not altogether uncommon as people have been known to pull off similar stunts in the past in an attempt to achieve some kind of viral fame.

However, this particular case is the first time someone has been caught in the act, suggesting that the arrested man may wind up with a bit more notoriety than he had hoped to garner with his ill-conceived idea.

Source: abc.net.au

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