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Watch: Ghost Attacks Boy in India?

A curious piece of footage from India purportedly shows a young boy being accosted by a ghost as he walks through a forest.

The video was allegedly filmed by a security camera system watching the wooded area for wildlife when it happened to capture the strange scene unfold.

During the incident in question, the youngster travels along a well-worn path in the forest when suddenly a dark form appears beside him.

This shadowy mass appears to be charge toward the boy and a pair of ghostly arms can be seen pushing the child to the ground.

The 'figure' subsequently scurries off into the forest as the jostled boy regains his bearing and runs away from the area in abject terror.

Although the footage is admittedly rather chilling, the circumstances surrounding it suggest that the video may be too good to be true, beginning with the remarkable clarity with which the encounter is captured.

Additionally, based on the timestamp of the video, the footage was ostensibly recorded six months ago, but it only appeared online over the weekend on a YouTube channel appropriately titled 'Scary Videos.'

That, alone, should the eyebrows of skeptical viewers as should the fact that very little detail is provided as to the backstory of the video.

Taken together, these elements indicate that the footage is a relatively well-produced hoax rather than a genuine ghost attack, although the slim possibility remains that it could have really happened.

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Source: The Sun

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