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Watch: 'Ghost' Causes Epic Tumble

An odd video circulating online allegedly shows a boy being dramatically attacked by a ghost, although many observers suspect that it may all be a show.

Aside from the implication that the footage comes from a security camera, there is no other information provided with the video, leaving viewers to come up with their own theories.

In the somewhat spooky scene, the boy can be seen taking a book off a shelf and reading it as he walks away.

Suddenly, a dark form enters the room through the door behind him and appears to shove the ostensibly unsuspecting youngster to the ground.

It is that moment that makes the footage both highly suspicious and rather hilarious as the boy wildly flails and flops in a fashion reminiscent of a poorly trained professional wrestler.

Based on the bad theatrics and barren backstory, the overwhelming consensus online is that the video is a hoax.

And while that certainly seems to be the case, one can't help but admire the commitment shown by the 'ghost attack victim,' who really put everything he had into that fall to the floor.

Source: Daily Mail

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