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Watch: Ghost Filmed Following Family?

A creepy piece of security camera footage may have captured some kind of spirit stalking a family as they were walking home.

In the eerie video, a pair of people are seen casually heading up their driveway when an ethereal anomaly suddenly appears behind them and follows the unknowing couple until they exit the screen.

Although the footage is spooky, it is also rather dubious, since it boasts both a ham-fisted 'scary' soundtrack as well as a colorful backstory which is impossible to verify.

According to the Spanish-language paranormal YouTube channel that posted the video, the footage came from cameras installed at the house of a family purportedly plagued by demonic forces.

Taken together, the tale and footage are pretty fantastic, but skeptics who have seen the video say that the 'ghost' is simply a reflection caused by the camera.

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Source: Mirror

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