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Watch: Ghost Filmed at Historic North Carolina Mansion?

While visiting a historic palace in North Carolina, a pair of tourists suspect that they may have inadvertently filmed a ghost while making a Snapchat video.

Danielle Hyde and Savanna Brown were exploring the majestic Tyron Palace in the city of New Bern and decided to film some of the inside of the mansion to post online.

According to Hyde, it wasn't until her cousin sent her a message asking if there was a ghost in the footage that she even noticed the potential apparition.

Indeed, there does appear to be a woman clad in period clothing walking past a doorway in the background of the video.

A subsequent bit of research has led them to suspect that the eerie sight may have been the spirit of a woman who died in 1798 during a fire at the palace.

However, skeptical viewers will likely note that the Tryon Palace boasts costumed guides at the site, which suggests that the couple may have simply filmed one of those workers rather than an actual ghost.

Nonetheless, the location does allegedly have a history of eerie activity indicative of some kind of spooky presence, so it's not entirely out of the question that the woman in the video was visiting from the 'other side.'

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Source: Daily Mail

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