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Watch: 'Ghost Janitor' Filmed at English Pub?

Security camera footage from a pub in England purportedly captures an unseen force seemingly knocking over a 'wet floor' sign and a mop!

The strange incident occurred at 200-year-old pub known as The Chapel House as staff was tidying up at the end of the night.

In the video, co-manager of the pub, Katie Ann Round, can be seen leaning a mop against the wall after washing the area.

With no one in the room, the 'wet floor' sign begins moving along the floor and then topples over in the other direction.

When Round's boyfriend, Ben Parkes, goes into the room to investigate, the mop that Round had placed against the wall inexplicably falls to the floor.

The couple subsequently decided to upload the security footage to Facebook, where the creepy video has garnered considerable interest from paranormal enthusiasts.

According to Round, the pub is already fielding requests from ghost hunters to come and investigate the location.

Although the footage is undoubtedly intriguing, some elements of the story and video raise suspicions that this may be a clever hoax.

The way in which the 'wet floor' sign moves appears as if it is being pulled by a string of some kind rather than being manipulated by a ghost.

Additionally, the pub has recently undergone a change in management over the last two months, leading one to muse that the 'ghost video' may be more marketing stunt rather than paranormal phenomena caught on tape.

So is it a 'ghost janitor,' a case of the sign simply moving because it was on a wet floor, or an ingenious way of bringing new customers to the pub? Let us know what you think at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: Express

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