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Watch: Ghost Materializes in Mexico City Road?

An eerie piece of security camera footage from Mexico allegedly shows the spirit of a young woman materialize in the crosswalk of a road right in front of an oncoming car!

The unsettling scene purportedly came from surveillance cameras at Mexico City's renowned boulevard Paseo de la Reforma over the weekend.

In the footage, what appears to be the spirit of a girl suddenly appears in the middle of the busy road and, moments later, a car zips through the apparition as if the driver never saw her there.

Since being posted online the video has amassed nearly a half million views and received a fair amount of media coverage in Mexico.

As one might expect, viewers are split as to the veracity of the footage with ghost enthusiasts believing that it is a true manifestation of a spirit while skeptics insist that the video is a clever hoax.

Check out the somewhat unnerving video and let us know what you think at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: Mirror

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