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Watch: Ghost Opens Hospital Gate?

An eerie piece of footage from a hospital in Argentina has some staff members convinced that the building is haunted after a heavy metal gate swung open on its own.

The strange scene was captured by security cameras at Hospital Parajon Ortiz de Famailla in the province of Tucuman.

Although the incident itself may seem rather pedestrian, since it simply shows the large gate, which is manual and not electric, opening for no apparent reason, hospital employees who have experienced high strangeness in the building see the event differently.

To them, the footage is confirmation that the hospital serves as a home to spirits who occasionally make their presence felt via odd noises and unexplained temperature changes.

As one might suspect, stories of the ghostly activity have become so ingrained in the culture at the hospital that the 'spirits' have even been ascribed names and personalities of previous employees who workers suspect may be the source of the activity.

In this instance, the gate-moving ghost was thought to be the spirit of a departed doctor who had a penchant for playing pranks on his co-workers.

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Source: Mirror

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