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Watch: 'Ghost Ship' Filmed on Lake Superior?

A man visiting Michigan's Lake Superior over the weekend filmed a strange anomaly that some are calling a 'ghost ship.'

Jason Asselin was photographing a rainbow over the lake when he noticed the dark oddity seemingly floating on the water across from him.

Perplexed by the strange sight, Asselin captured video of the 'ghost ship' and attempted to zoom in on it for a closer look, but the anomaly was still fairly nebulous.

Nonetheless, Asselin and his friend both felt like they were in the presence of something truly out of the ordinary.

"It really just didn’t belong there, I've seen ships before and it looked nothing like that," he told CBS News, "I've been there before and never saw it before."

Paranormal enthusiasts who have seen the video have been quick to declare it a 'ghost ship,' while skeptics suggest it is an illusion or weather phenomenon of some kind.

To that end, we're guessing that it is only a matter of days until a diligent meteorologist steps up to exorcise the ghost ship by explaining what it really is.

Until then, though, check out the eerie video and let us know what you think caused the anomaly at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: CBS News

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