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Watch: Ghost Strikes Piano Keys?

A ghost investigator in the UK claims to have captured video footage of an unseen force striking the keys of a piano.

After initially hearing the musical sound during his visit to the building dubbed 'The Village,' Lee Roberts positioned a camera on the instrument in the hopes that it would happen again.

Fortunately, his instincts proved fortuitous when the sound was made again, on camera, with no one around the piano.

During a subsequent conversation between Roberts and his cadre of fellow ghost hunters, they marvel at the strange melodic moment and insist that no one was near the piano when the spooky scene unfolded.

In an intriguing observation, Roberts offered up a unique theory about what the group had encountered.

He noted that numerous paranormal groups have ventured into the building in the past and often use a Ouija Board at the piano to attempt contact with spirits on the 'other side.'

As such, he proposed that the ghosts residing in the building may have realized that the piano could be used to show their presence to visitors.

Check out the spooky video and let us know what you think at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Daily Star

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