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Watch: Ghost Tosses Glass at English Pub?

Spooky security camera footage from a pub in England may have captured an ornery ghost attempting to get a bartender's attention.

The weird scene occurred last Saturday evening at the New York Italian Kitchen in the English city of Wakefield.

As the bartender and a patron are talking, a nearby glass suddenly comes tumbling off of a tray with remarkable force.

The strange event quickly put a stop to the conversation as they both look over in amazement, wondering what just happened.

Although skeptical viewers will likely chalk the incident up to the glass simply slipping off of the tray, perhaps because it was wet, the pub's owner says that it is just one of many ghostly happenings to take place in the establishment.

According to him, there have been multiple moments where glasses appeared to be manipulated by some kind of supernatural force, including a whole tray of them inexplicably being knocked out of a waiter's hands.

The pub's owner theorized that the emergence of the paranormal activity is due to a recent refurbishing at the building which may have upset the spirits that once frequented the site.

While that may be the case, there's always the possibility that the glass was thrown by a recent arrival to the 'other side' that hadn't realized it yet and was wondering why they couldn't get a drink.

Source: Mirror

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