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Watch: Ghost Visits Baby?

It's long been suspected that babies can see spirits and other paranormal phenomena that adults cannot and a recent video captured by a mother in England has made her a believer.

Jessica Lewis was watching videos that she'd filmed of her daughter with her cell phone when one particular moment caught her eye.

As her daughter, Nylah, sat on the floor in front of her, a white orb seems to sweep past the camera and make a 'swoosh' sound.

The anomaly appears to catch the attention of Nylah as the baby crawls towards the direction where it seemed to go.

Taken on its own, the video is rather pedestrian compared to more fantastic ghost footage that often makes the rounds, but the circumstances surrounding it are what have piqued the interest of the baby's mother.

According to Jessica, ever since the odd video was taken, Nylah has gravitated toward the corner of the room where the orb disappeared that day.

And, even more remarkable, the mom claims that her daughter waves at the spot as if she is saying hello to someone.

That person, Jessica suspects, is a dear friend who passed away before Nylah was born and, in fact, died on the day the video was recorded!

Skeptics, of course, if they don't immediately argue that the video and story are a clever hoax, will likely see the video as simply dust and imagination coming together to weave a heartwarming tale.

One thing is for certain and that is that the video of baby Nylah and the ghost will be played at every Lewis family function for a long time to come.

Source: Express

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