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Watch: Ghost Wakes Up Sleeping Woman?

An attempt by a woman in Chicago to figure out why she couldn't sleep well may have produced video of some kind of supernatural force pulling the covers from her bed!

In the eerie webcam video, which Iris Alamo posted to her Facebook page, the door to her bedroom slowly creaks open and then an unseen force gradually tugs at her blankets until she suddenly springs awake.

Intriguingly, as Indigo swiftly sits up in bed, an odd orb of sorts can be seen flying off into the corner of the screen.

In her caption to the video, Alamo says "took almost a year but finally caught something on video" and observed that "this is probably why I can't sleep at night."

The subsequent comments from Alamo's friend and her responses suggest that the situation is genuine, but, considering the shenanigans exposed yesterday surrounding the Mexico City ghost, skeptical viewers can be forgiven for being more than a little reticent about the veracity of the video.

In fact, for Alamo's sake, we kind of hope this is a hoax, since we have no idea how she could ever get another night of good sleep if this is actually real.

Check out the creepy video and let us know what you think on the C2C Facebook page.

Source: Daily Star

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