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Watch: Goblin Filmed in Argentina?

A bizarre piece of footage from Argentina allegedly shows a terrifying encounter between some schoolchildren and a goblin!

The unsettling video was purportedly filmed by a group of teenage girls while they were walking near a field in the village of Taco Palta y Marta.

In the admittedly ambiguous footage, one of the girls can be heard telling her friends to look at something strange emerging from the forest ahead of them.

She asks them if it is a duende, which is a creature from South American folklore that is akin to a goblin.

Her suspicions seem to be confirmed by the other teenagers as they almost immediately begin screaming out in terror, telling each other to run, and hastily flee the scene.

Unfortunately, the shaky video is quite difficult to decipher, although the oddity does appear to be something small, dark, and bipedal, based on a few brief glimpses of the potential goblin.

That said, the origin of the footage is as hard to determine as its contents with Argentinian media claiming that it circulated on social media in the country, but as of yet the names of the witnesses and the specifics of their story remain a mystery.

Perhaps the most affirming aspect of the video may simply be the chilling and unhinged reactions of the teenagers as they see the potential creature, suggesting that their response is either genuine or remarkably well performed.

Skeptics, of course, will rightfully argue that the footage could be easily faked by anyone with a modicum of computer skills and, as such, one would be wise to keep that in mind before coming to any conclusions about the video.

What's your take on the footage: goblin or gag? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Mirror

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