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Watch: 'Haunted' Balloon Frightens Hospital Staff

An eerie balloon that seemingly roamed the halls of a children's hospital in Argentina left shaken staff wondering if one of their former patients had returned from the 'other side.'

Filmed by someone working at the hospital, the 'haunted' balloon can be seen floating down a hallway in an almost deliberate manner.

One of the witnesses marvels to another onlooker that the balloon seemed to be following him.

Chillingly, his companion responds "the woman in the bed said that something had touched her leg" and then ominously observes that "it's coming this way."

The duo retreat to an adjacent room, but they continue filming the doorway which connects to the hall and are stunned when the balloon turns the corner as if it is still following them.

Their reaction is sheer terror and the video abruptly stops as they run away from the scene.

Skeptics who see the footage will likely assert that the balloon is simply being moved via air currents in the hospital or some other prosaic force.

There's also always the possibility that the 'haunted' balloon is a hoax perpetrated by a pair of bored hospital staff.

However, we'd like to think that they wouldn't orchestrate the tasteless tale of a haunted child lurking amongst their still-living patients.

Therefore, as with most ghost videos, what exactly was captured on film in the Argentinian hospital ultimately lies in the eye of the beholder.

Check out the footage and let us know what you think was behind the ghostly balloon at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: Mirror

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