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Watch: Hunter Uses Chainsaw to Rescue Deer Trapped in Tree

An unsuccessful night of bow hunting turned into an impromptu animal rescue mission for an Ohio man who stumbled upon a rather remarkable scene on his way home.

While walking through the woods near his parent's home, the hunter spotted a deer that had somehow gotten its antlers stuck in a tree.

The man says that he first tried to free the frightened animal by hand, but the attempt was made futile due to the deer frantically kicking and flailing.

And so the hunter retrieved a chainsaw from the house and returned with some more firepower for the rescue, which a companion managed to capture on film.

One can only imagine, while watching the video, how terrified the deer must have been as the man sawed away at the tree around its head in order to dislodge the creature.

After a minute or so, the hunter clears away enough of the tree that the deer is able to get free and swiftly takes off into the darkness, no doubt carrying with it a story it won't soon forget.

Source: UPI

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