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Watch: ISS Feed Censors UFO Coming to Earth?

A tantalizing new piece of footage from the ISS live feed sees an anomalous glowing object seemingly about to enter Earth's atmosphere before the broadcast abruptly stops.

The object itself is not particularly noteworthy and appears as simply a glowing dot slowly descending towards the planet.

What raised eyebrows among UFO enthusiasts was the incredible but all-too-familiar ending to the footage.

After an almost agonizingly long wait for the object to reach the Earth's atmosphere, the feed suddenly stops and a technical difficulties message appears just as it is about to unfold.

The 'coincidental' timing, coupled with the increasing number of times such a turn of events has occurred in recent years, adds fuel to the conspiracy theory that the 'powers that be' cut the ISS feed to censor UFOs.

Skeptics, of course, will note that the object in question is still just a glowing dot and could be anything from space debris to a meteor.

Some may recall that NASA denied any ISS UFO censorship conspiracy back in April, but, as we predicted, their statement has not put a stop to the continual barrage of videos allegedly showing the cover-up in action.

Coast Insiders looking for more insight into UFO captured on space footage can revisit the 9/17/2015 edition of the program when researcher Mark Peters discussed perhaps the most famous clip of all: the STS-48 video from Space Shuttle Discovery.

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Source: Express

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