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Watch: Incredible Eyeless Catfish Found in Texas

A rare species of blind catfish has been discovered in America for the first time by researchers studying an underwater cave in Texas.

The remarkable creature possesses no eyes, presumably having evolved that way due to its entirely underground existence.

Experts say this particular type of catfish normally resides in Mexico and that its discovery in the United States suggests that the underground waters of the two countries are likely connected.

While the eyeless creature may look a bit unsettling, its entirely possible that any swimmer coming into contact with the fish would not even notice it, since the animal only grows up to three inches long.

That said, tales of blind fish being seen in the area date back to the 1960's and so the discovery serves to confirm those witness accounts, giving a bit of hope to anyone who has ever spotted an odd animal and had their stories dismissed as impossible.

Source: Tech Times

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