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Watch: Little Girl Films Bigfoot in Utah?

The seemingly endless stream of ambiguous Bigfoot videos appearing on the Internet has delivered a unique offering from Utah with a story that may be too good to be true.

Titled 'Bigfoot Sighting at Provo Airport," the footage was posted to YouTube at the start of the month by a user named Jane Everett.

According to the description, the brief video was filmed by Everett's daughter on her iPad as the family was en route to the airport.

Filming the sunset across a corn field out the window of the car , the little girl marvels at the view, but becomes startled around thirty seconds into the clip when a large, dark blur sweeps across the screen amidst the crops.

The child exclaims, "what was that" and then the footage ends seconds later.

Based on the title and Everett's own words in the video's description, she believes that her daughter inadvertently filmed Bigfoot lurking in a corn field near the Provo Airport.

A fantastic possibility, indeed, but there are elements of the video which suggest that may not be the case.

Casting aside its extremely ambiguous nature, there is little background information surrounding the video which is Jane Everett's only offering on YouTube.

Her misspelled declaration in the description that "Now i'm a beliver!" reads almost like something a sarcastic hoaxer would write to add insult to injury for Bigfoot enthusiasts.

To that end, the scenario of a little girl accidentally filming Bigfoot is the kind of tale that sparks the imagination and feels like an attempt at creating something viral, which clearly worked in our case, since we are telling you about it now.

Additionally, despite being written about in a Utah paper, there appears to be no follow up from Everett with more details on the alleged sighting.

Giving Everett the benefit of the doubt and presuming the video is 'on the level,' the possibility of the blur being Bigfoot remains fairly low.

While the 'creature' may appear to be running, this seems to be more of an illusion created by the traveling car, meaning that it could be any number of possible stationary objects and not an animal in motion.

All of these factors taken together leave the video lacking when it comes to the ultimate challenge of producing proof for the legendary and still-elusive Bigfoot.

But that doesn't mean we'll stop looking and hoping that the next tantalizing snippet of footage will be the one to finally capture the creature once and for all.

Check out the video and share your interpretation with us at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: Daily Herald

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