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Watch: Magician Invents Fireball Shooter

An industrious magician from New Hampshire has created a device which gives the illusion of shooting fireballs from his bare hands.

Adam Wilbur's invention uses a special type of paper that is chemically treated to burn fast and bright.

He then loads the paper inside a concealed tube and, using a remote carefully hidden in his other hand, shoots the igniting 'flash paper' from his sleeve to give the appearance of ejecting a fireball from his palm.

According to Wilbur, the trick has delighted audiences at his shows, where attendees watch in awe as he throws fire like a comic book superhero.

One unexpected drawback, he says, is traveling with the unique device, since TSA agents first wonder what it is and then insist that he demonstrate it in impromptu magic shows for them.

So while the invention may make Wilbur appear to be superhuman, he apparently still has to endure airport security like the rest of us mere mortals.

Source: Daily Mail

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