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Watch: Man Attacked by an Ostrich

While ostriches may not be able to fly, a new video out of South Africa confirms that the enormous birds certainly know how to fight.

Tienie Van Wyk was walking along with some friends when they spotted the enormous bird approaching them.

A former ostrich farmer, Van Wyk could sense that the bird was rather agitated by their presence, so he attempted to assuage the animal by slowly approaching it.

However, it would appear that his years working with the birds were no help when it came to calming the situation as the monstrous ostrich swiftly attacked Van Wyk.

The angry bird used its formidable size to knock the man to the ground and began furiously clawing and pecking at him.

Fortunately for Van Wyk, his friends quickly intervened and, seeing that it was outnumbered, the ostrich ended the battle by scurrying away from the scene.

Ironically, the only injuries that Van Wyk received from the unsettling encounter were some scratches caused by thorny bush that he fell into during the melee.

Nonetheless, he'll probably pass on playing peacemaker should an ostrich cross his path again the future.

Source: YouTube

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