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Watch: Man Moves to Swiss Alps to Live as a Goat!

An unemployed British man fed up with the stresses of everyday life found a bizarre outlet for his yearning to escape: moving to Switzerland and living as a goat!

After receiving a government grant to study goat psychology, Thomas Thwaites ventured to a mountain in Switzerland where he attempted to ingratiate himself to a herd of the creatures.

In order to properly blend in with the goats, Thwaites required a number of radical additions to his physical body so that he did not stand out from the animals.

These 'enhancements' included a pair of specially-designed prosthetics for his arms and legs which gave the illusion of having shorter limbs and hooves.

Thwaites was also fitted with a unique 'stomach' that allowed him to pretend like he was chewing grass while also acquiring the same nutrients found in the vegetation.

His actual integration into the goat herd proved to be difficult but rewarding.

According to Thwaites, the animals initially seemed perturbed by their unusual new member, but he eventually realized they were merely trying to establish the hierarchy of the herd to him.

Despite the physical pain caused from maneuvering with the prosthetic legs as well as the odd diet, Thwaites found the experience incredibly rewarding, especially when the goats began treating him as a bonafide member of the herd.

After completing the experiment, Thwaites returned to his human life with a better appreciation for the challenges of being a goat and has detailed his experience in a new book.

Although he may feel compelled to send a copy of the tome to his former fellow herd mates, we suggest Thwaites hold off the gift since the goats would likely just turn the book into a light snack.

Source: Daily Mail

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