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Watch: Mars 'Show Home' Unveiled in London

An enlightening new exhibit in London provides a possible glimpse into the future via a 'show home' that depicts how people may live on Mars.

The igloo-like structure comes courtesy of National Geographic and astronomers in England who consulted on the project.

Designers envision that the 'shell' of the home would be constructed using bricks created out of Martian soil, making the theoretical domicile look more like blast from humanity's past rather than a futuristic vision.

Pieces of disused spacecraft also contribute to the design of the Martian home which would be linked to similar residences and, ostensibly, larger facilities through a series of tunnels.

Although the residence may appear small upon initial viewing, the structure is actually rather spacious as it also features a subterranean level which could serve multiple purposes, including acting as a Martian 'man cave.'

Overcoming some of the basic obstacles of living on Mars, the prospective home includes machinery which would produce oxygen for breathing and water extracted from the Martian atmosphere.

And, since there initially won't be any stores on Mars, a 3D printer at the home would be able to produce any and all necessary creature comforts for residents of the Red Planet.

The incredible exhibit, on display at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, does contain one slightly creepy element to it.

In order to fully convey how the home works, organizers enlisted the help of two men, presumably actors, to portray future Martian colonialists.

The silent scenes are somewhat unsettling in that they eerily resemble what one might expect from an alien zoo that features a human habitat.

Source: Mirror

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