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Watch: Massive Lava Stream Pours from Volcano in Hawaii

A breathtaking new video filmed at Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano shows a huge stream of lava pouring into the ocean.

In the footage, the fiery flow brilliantly glows when seen at night and, perhaps even more remarkable, appears as a vivid blood red stream during the daytime.

The massive stream began back in December when a collapse of the ground near the site led to the exposure of a subterranean lava tube.

Since that time, lava has steadily sprayed from the 70-foot high sea cliff to the water below which spawns subsequent explosions due to the sharp differences in temperature.

Unsurprisingly, the strange sight has become a hot ticket for visitors to Hawaii, but officials have begun restricting how close people can get to the volcano for fear of a foolhardy tourist attempting an ill-advised selfie.

Source: The Guardian

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