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Watch: Methane Bubbles Make Ground Wobble

An incredible video from Russia reveals the remarkable effect of methane bubbles lurking beneath the ground on an island in Siberia.

Normally rock solid due to permafrost, the land in some spots has become eerily soft due to the gas sitting beneath it.

As researchers study the location, they can be seen pushing down on the ground and causing it to wobble and sway in a stunning fashion.

When the scientists punctured some of the strange sites, a significant amount of methane and carbon dioxide was released.

Experts believe that the emergence of the methane bubbles is due to unseasonably warm temperatures in the region causing the ground to thaw and the pockets of gas to rise to the surface.

The bursting of these massive amounts of methane from beneath the ground has been blamed for a number of enormous holes which have appeared throughout Siberia in recent years.

With the discovery of even more underground methane bubbles, one can expect additional craters to litter the landscape of Siberia in the future.

Let's just hope the phenomenon stays confined to Siberia and the methane bubbles don't starting bursting closer to home.

Source: Daily Mail

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