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Watch: Missile Spotted in Apollo 11 Photo?

Anomaly hunters studying old images from the Apollo space program believe they have found evidence of some kind of missile shooting through sky above the moon.

The oddity, purportedly spotted in a photo from the landmark Apollo 11 mission, appears to be a dark, cylindrical object with a bright exhaust behind it.

Conspiracy theorists suggest that the image is evidence of some kind of battle between humans and ETs on the moon, possible for control of the terrestrial body.

Should that be the case, the American forces apparently did not fare well, since missions to the moon were curtailed shortly thereafter.

However, skeptics argue that the anomaly could not possibly be a missile because there would be no exhaust from the object in the vacuum of space.

Unfortunately, the researcher who found the strange image did not indicate where it could be found in the vast NASA archive of Apollo material.

As such, it is almost impossible to track the photo down to verify the presence of the anomaly or study the image further.

Nonetheless, the tantalizing photo is sure to whet the appetite of those who believe there is 'more then meets the eye' happening on the moon.

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Source: Daily Mail

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