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Watch: Multiple People Film Odd UFOs Over City in England

A perplexing trio of glowing orbs were spotted hovering in the night sky over the city of Bristol, England and multiple witnesses managed to capture the event on film.

As he was preparing to go to bed last week, Mike Westlake noticed three strange lights that appeared to be blinking and moving across the sky.

Intrigued by the odd sight, he took out his cell phone and filmed the anomalies which he said were silent and looked enormous.

Apparently Westlake was not the only resident to observe the three lights as numerous other witnesses came forward after his sighting and video made the news.

Although there accounts were largely anecdotal, a pair of people did step forward with footage of their own.

One such video, shared with the Bristol Post by a witness, seems to show the same lights that Westlake had observed but from a different angle.

The person behind the video agreed with Westlake's assessment that the UFO made no noise.

Additionally, a third video, presumably from the same evening, appeared online over the last few days and also shows puzzling lights that appear to float and flicker over the city.

And while skeptics' assessment that the 'UFO' is simply something prosaic may very well be correct, what makes this case particularly compelling is that at least three separate people from different parts of Bristol saw the lights and thought to film them.

One wishes that such an instinct gripped more UFO witnesses, since multiple looks at a singular event would be invaluable when it comes to figuring out what is a genuine unidentified flying object and what might just series of flying lanterns.

Source: Bristol Post

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