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Watch: Mysterious Fireball Filmed in Japan

Residents in northern Japan were baffled by an incredibly bright fireball which lit up the sky on Monday morning.

Footage of the strange glowing object garnered mainstream media attention in Japan due to the breathtaking nature of the video which came from a TV station camera watching over the city of Niigata.

Astronomers say that the fireball was probably a meteor or perhaps space debris breaking up in the atmosphere, but some UFO enthusiasts disagree with that assessment.

They argue that the trajectory of the object, which seems to be flying up and across the sky, indicates that it could not have been something descending towards the Earth.

Additionally, they note that the green color of the fireball suggests that it was not a meteor.

Although that may be the case, there could be another source for the fireball that is being intentionally overlooked.

Considering the growing tensions in the region, it's possible that the fireball was from some kind of clandestine missile test aimed at ensuring that Japan would be protected from a nuclear attack coming from North Korea.

With that in mind, the astronomical explanation may be simply be a clever cover story, since the Japanese government and their allies certainly wouldn't want to tip their hand as to their defenses.

Check out the remarkable video and let us know what you think was behind the fireball at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: Mirror

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