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Watch: Mystery Flying Creature Filmed in Mexico?

A strange video recorded in Mexico has some UFO enthusiasts wondering if the odd object undulating in the footage is, in fact, an unidentified flying creature!

The enigmatic film shows a translucent anomaly which resembles a tadpole seemingly 'swimming' in the sky over the city of Guadalajara.

As the mystified witnesses watch the scene unfold and discuss it in Spanish, they utter an astonished response that can be understood in any language: "wow!"

Some UFO researchers who have seen the footage suggest that it captures the obscure phenomenon of living creatures, heretofore unknown to science, that inhabit the skies and space.

Other viewers, however, are more skeptical and argue that the object is merely a deflated balloon or plastic bag that has been caught in the wind.

Check out the video and let us know on our Facebook page what you think the object might have been.

Source: Express

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