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Watch: NASA Releases Amazing Pluto Flyby Video

To celebrate the two-year anniversary of NASA's New Horizon probe arriving at Pluto, the space agency has released a breathtaking video showcasing the notoriously distant planet.

The remarkable presentation, culled from data obtained during the 2015 study of Pluto, provides viewers with the perspective of flying over the planet from around 8,000 miles above its surface.

While there are no signs of UFOs or alien bases, the footage is still pretty awesome when one considers that Pluto, at its furthest point, sits an astounding 4.6 billion miles away from the Earth.

As such, the video constitutes what is probably the only view of Pluto that many of us will have in our lifetimes, since it's highly unlikely that humans will make their way out to the planet anytime soon.

That said, based on the barren and seemingly unforgiving landscape of the planet, we're not sure anyone would really want to visit the faraway world anyway.

Source: Space.com

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