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Watch: NOAA Flies into Hurricane Matthew

Seeing the monstrous Hurricane Matthew as an opportunity to harvest new scientific data, a daring team from NOAA flew into the eye of the storm!

The extreme expedition was performed with one of the agency's two 'Hurricane Hunters,' aircraft specially designed to enter the enormous storms and learn more about their nature.

The resulting video released by NOAA is enough to shake even the most hardened traveler as the jet plunges into the storm and visibility for the crew vanishes.

For those afraid to fly, the footage is likely to be positively terrifying as the plane violently shakes while it cuts through the storm.

And, in an almost artistic ending, the aircraft emerges from the hurricane and continues flying into a remarkably tranquil sky that seems devoid of any inclement weather.

Were it a Hollywood movie, one would almost expect the plane to have just flown back in time or into another dimension.

But, as any of the unfortunate people that have found themselves in its path can attest, the powerful storm pounding the region is all too real.

Source: YouTube

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