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Watch: New Whale Footage is First of Its Kind

A creature that has long baffled marine biologists has finally been captured on film and can now be seen in its natural habitat for the first time.

The elusive True's beaked whale is believed to spend an astounding 92% of its time underwater and is rarely seen by researchers, rendering the marine mammal particularly mysterious.

Until now, the creature had existed almost in name only as it is said that most experts would likely not even recognize it if they saw it, since very few are ever lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it.

However, a group of scientists managed to pin down a likely location for the animal and, working around the Azores and Canary Islands, successfully stalked the camera shy creature.

And while their footage may look like something your neighbor forced you to watch after they went on vacation to Sea World, experts say that the video provides tremendous insight into the mysterious whale.

By acquiring such a lengthy look at the whale, researchers have identified distinct characteristics of the creature which should allow for better understanding of its population and habitat range.

The footage may bring some solace to veteran marine biologists as, like the Cubs winning the World Series, seeing the True's beaked whale in nature is something that eluded many of their colleagues throughout their lives.

One can only hope that a similar sense of satisfaction can someday be enjoyed by Bigfoot enthusiasts waiting for their proverbial white whale.

Source: Eureka Alert

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