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Watch: Odd 'Fireball' Appears Near ISS

The parade of odd objects seen flying near the ISS continues as recent footage captures a strange glowing object seeming bursting into flames near the space station.

The enigmatic footage initially starts as a normal view from the space station via its live stream until a glowing orb suddenly appears on the screen.

Almost as quickly as it arrived, the object seemingly bursts into flames and disappears from sight.

Despite the tantalizing nature of the footage, the prevailing opinion from observers is that the object is simply a meteor or space debris burning up as it enters Earth's atmosphere.

UFO enthusiasts, however, contend that the object is the latest in a long line of mysterious 'craft' appearing to have an interest in the ISS.

Due to the darkness of the video, it's fairly difficult to decipher what exactly may be happening in the footage, leaving it open to both interpretation and imagination.

Given that it was purportedly captured on Tuesday, we're kind of hoping that the strange object really was a UFO and that it was checking out the ISS's new inflatable 'guest room.'

Check out the video and let us know what you think the brightly burning object might be at our Facebook page.

Source: Mirror

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