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Watch: Odd Object Ejected from ISS?

Intriguing new images from the ISS live feed shows a perplexing object seemingly being ejected from the space station and some are wondering if it might be a missile!

The series of still shots show an enigmatic dark object being released from the International Space Station and arcing downwards as if heading towards the Earth.

As can be expected in a case with such scant information, speculation and imagination have filled the void since facts are unavailable.

The predominant thought among space conspiracists is that the object is some kind of missile being shot by the ISS.

Why would they be shooting a missile in space? Aliens, of course. More specifically: a nefarious UFO attack on the space station.

Others, however, argue that terrestrial weapons like missiles would be unlikely in space as lasers or plasma weapons would be more practical.

More grounded viewers have suggested that the object was merely some kind of waste being cast off from the space station.

And, perhaps even more tantalizing that the UFO scenario, some have posited that the object is an escape pod!

Check out the video and let us know on our Facebook page what you think is being ejected by the ISS.

Source: Express

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