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Watch: Ohio UFO Video Causes a Stir

A remarkably clear video of an alleged UFO hovering near the infamous Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio has garnered attention beyond paranormal research circles.

The footage, which appeared online over the weekend, features a couple spotting a strange, dark object in the sky which boasts a sharp, angular shape.

Their bewilderment is captured perfectly in their 'colorful' commentary that consists of mostly curse words, which have thankfully been edited out of the clip we're sharing with you.

After about a minute of simply hovering in the same place in the sky, the object slowly dissolves into the clouds around it and disappears entirely from view.

Conspiracy theorists have pounced on the purported location of the video, Dayton, for its close proximity to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, which holds a special place in UFO lore.

The facility was, of course, once home to the US government's UFO investigation unit, Project Blue Book, and, prior to that, the base was rumored to have been where the Roswell wreckage had been sent.

Despite it's long affiliation with flying saucers, however, the consensus among many researchers is that the object in the footage filmed near Wright-Patterson is likely some kind of government test craft.

They cite similar footage from the area which also captured a distinctly angular object hovering near the base.

In light of the almost CGI level of detail contained in the footage, skeptics have been quick to cry foul and suggest that the entire thing is an elaborate fabrication.

Beyond the clarity and comical language contained in the film, what makes this particular clip stand out is that it somehow managed to make the leap to the mainstream media in the form of the Fox News Network.

And, ironically enough, the assessment from at least one of the Fox News hosts seems to be in agreement with paranormal researchers in that he thought it was likely a military test craft.

Of the countless UFO videos we've highlighted in the past, only a small handful have managed to capture the attention of the public at large like this clip did.

We'll leave it up to the conspiracy theorists and armchair psychologists to ponder why that may be the case.

Check out the video and let us know what you think the object may be at our Facebook page.

Source: Daily Mail

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