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Watch: Ornery Elephant Charges Biker

Residents of a village in India were shaken when an angry elephant stormed down through the streets in a thirst-induced rage.

However no one may have been more surprised that the individual who happened to be riding his motorcycle down the road as the monstrous beast rampaged towards him.

In an incredible moment caught on tape, the man can be seen spotting the pugnacious pachyderm heading in his direction, causing the rider to quickly pull off the road, presumably, to safety.

Alas, the elephant also saw him and, in what had to have been a terrifying experience, the creature immediately changes directions and charges at the man.

Fortunately the display seemed to be more of a threat than an attack as the elephant gave up on catching the man once he scrambled into a nearby house.

Nonetheless, the enormous animal expressed its ire by smashing into a different home nearby, creating a resounding crash as worried witnesses film the scene from a balcony above the creature.

It is believed that the elephant visited the village because it had grown extremely agitated by thirst and had gone looking for some kind of relief.

Sadly, the creature's quest probably only produced one wet pair of pants courtesy of the man on the motorcycle.

Source: YouTube

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