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Watch: Ornery Elephant Stares Down Safari Jeep

A safari group in South Africa may have been rethinking their vacation plans after a bull elephant brazenly approached their jeep for a menacing stare down.

The remarkable moment was captured on video by a tourist visiting the country's famed Kruger National Park.

As the group marveled at a pair of baby elephants crossing the road right in front of them, the incredible sight soon turned troubling when their enormous father entered the scene.

The monstrous elephant ventured perilously close to the vehicle, flapping its ears and tugging on its tusk with its trunk in a manner suggesting it was about to go on the attack.

The encounter was clearly worrisome to the driver of the jeep, who started the engine in anticipation of having to make a quick getaway.

Fortunately, the pugnacious pachyderm was apparently only sending a message to the diminutive humans in its path as the creature soon moved on and followed the smaller elephants into the nearby grass.

Source: Caters TV

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