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Watch: Pair of Elephants Work Together to Save Drowning Calf

An amazing piece of footage from a zoo in South Korea shows a pair of elephants banding together to save a young calf from drowning.

The incredible scene, captured by the security system at Seoul's Grand Park Zoo, begins with the baby elephant tumbling into a pool at the animals' enclosure.

An adult elephant that had been standing next to the calf immediately begins trying to help the little one out of the water, but it's rescue attempts prove to be futile.

Fortunately, another elephant quickly comes bounding over to the scene to ostensibly offer assistance and the two creatures appear to assess the situation and actually seem to formulate a plan.

From there, they enter the pool at a shallow location, head towards the calf, and lift the creature up while guiding the baby elephant back to dray land.

And, in an almost-eerie display reminiscent of a how a worried human would react to such an incident, a third elephant can be seen frantically pacing in the background as the rescue unfolds.

The video of the remarkable and heartwarming moment has gone viral, which is rather uplifting in itself, since most elephant stories that spread online showcase the enormous animals in a more menacing light.

Source: ABC News

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