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Watch: Pesky Poltergeist Agitates Englishman

At attempt to investigate a potential haunting at a house in the UK resulted in chilling footage of dishes being thrown across a room and one very annoyed homeowner.

The residence made news earlier this month when owner Ian Hawke captured a possible ghost lurking in the street nearby via his home security system.

When the video made headlines around the world, Hawke was relatively nonplussed about the incident and explained that his home had been visited by spirits in the past.

However, his temperament took a turn for the worse during a subsequent investigation of the home with paranormal expert Danny Taylor.

A remarkable video from the investigation captured a mug and dish inexplicably slide off of a counter and onto the floor, much to Hawke's somewhat hilarious chagrin.

The scene, which resembles a Britcom, sheds light on one maddening aspect of hauntings that often goes overlooked: there's really no way to clearly communicate with a ghost.

During the footage, Hawke grows increasingly irritated with the pesky poltergeist and argues with Taylor over whether or not he is antagonizing the spirit.

That just may be the case as the video ends with a mug being hurled at Hawke and the fed up homeowner declaring that he is leaving.

Skeptics will, of course, insist that the entire video is an elaborate hoax perpetrated by Hawke to capitalize on his fifteen minutes of fame.

Should that be the case, we salute him nonetheless, because he managed to produce a wildly entertaining sequel to his 'ghost in the road.'

Check out the video and share your thoughts on what is happening in Hawke's home on our Facebook page.

Source: Daily Star

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