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Watch: Poltergeist Pushes Stroller Down Stairs?

A paranormal research group in the UK may have captured footage of an infamous poltergeist pushing a stroller down a flight of stairs!

Steve and Carrie Archibald of Pitch Black Investigations were conducting a 'ghost hunt' at the notorious West Yorkshire home said to contain an angry spirit known as the 'Black Monk of Pontefract.'

The Archibalds say that their footage was obtained via a camera which was filming the staircase during their investigation.

According to them, the researchers were exploring the house in total darkness when they suddenly heard the sound of the stroller falling down the stairs.

This was particularly unnerving to the group because they had been at the home for quite a while and saw that the stroller had previously been unmoved all evening.

Originally planning to spend the night at the haunted house, some of the group opted out of the adventure after seeing the footage and decided, instead, to retreat to a hotel.

Ironically, the ghost which is believed to have pushed the stroller is the same entity that was allegedly photographed by a different researcher who made news a few days ago with her purported image of the legendary 'Black Monk.'

We're guessing that the two separate cases of spooky activity being documented will lead to even more researchers flocking to the site which is regularly rented by paranormal thrillseekers.

So if the poltergeist was trying to ward off visitors, we're afraid that its nefarious plan may have backfired in a big way.

Source: Daily Mail

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