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Watch: 'Possessed' Doll Torments Bolivian Soldiers

A class of army cadets in Bolivia were forced to take drastic measures following a series of incidents involving an allegedly possessed doll tormenting the group!

According to the frightened young men, the creepy mannequin had begun moving around own its own at night and even attacked some of the cadets with a gun.

They believe that the source of the possession is their former commander who had passed away and apparently still wishes to keep his charges 'battle ready.'

Nonetheless, after one cadet became so scared that he shot at the dummy, his compatriots decided that they needed to put a stop to the strange events.

As such, they cut the hands off of the mannequin so it could no longer grasp any weapons and then enclosed it inside a glass case to keep it from venturing around the military academy in La Paz.

While the 'punishment' for the possessed doll may cause its unsettling antics to cease, the cadets claim that the building is riddled with other strange spirits, including photos of prominent Bolivians leaders that actually talk to the young soldiers.

Of course, the director of the military academy insists that the reports of ghostly activity are merely superstition and that the base is not haunted by any malevolent spirits.

We suspect that his skeptical opinion might change if he gets a late night visit from a disgruntled doll that no longer has any hands.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the phenomenon of haunted dolls and other strange objects can check out Rosemary Ellen Guiley and John Zaffis discussing the topic on the 8/8/2014 edition of the program.

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Source: Mirror

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