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Watch: Rambunctious Kids Break Glass Artwork

A pair of rambunctious youngsters at the Shanghai Museum of Glass left their own mark on one particular work after they inadvertently smashed a renowned artist's sculpture.

Security camera footage from their regrettable patronage of the arts shows the two children wildly grasping and pulling on an enormous pair of glass wings.

When their father tries to stop them from yanking on the piece, titled "Angel Is Waiting," the kids let the sculpture simply swing back against the wall causing part of it to break off and fall to the floor.

In response to the destruction of her work, artist Shelly Xue took a philosophical approach and opted to rename the piece rather than repair it.

The damaged glass angel wings are now simply called "Broken."

The museum, on the other hand, was not quite as forgiving and created a dubious addition to the display to commemorate the unfortunate event.

Now installed next to the wings is a monitor which continuously plays the footage of the children breaking the artwork.

The incident was not a total loss for the art world as critics finally have a piece they can point to and honestly say, "my kid could do that."

Source: The Telegraph

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