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Watch: Ridiculous Road Rage Erupts in Russia

A dashcam in Russia managed to film an incredibly strange road rage incident when a person jumped out of their SUV to fight a costumed man with a giant head!

The bizarre scene begins with the masked man stepping out into the road and stopping the vehicle.

For reasons unexplained, he then kicks its front bumper and ventures over to confront the driver.

Suddenly, a passenger from the SUV runs around the side and begins battling the doll-like pedestrian, culminating in a crushing blow to the side of his enormous faux head!

The facade's haunting eyes stare plaintively into the camera before the ill-advised jaywalker sinks to the pavement.

And, aside from some background music playing on the radio, the entire event plays out without any words being exchanged, leaving the viewer to imagine their own story for what is unfolding on screen.

While nothing about the video is particularly paranormal, it serves as a somewhat amusing reminder that humanity itself is more than capable of producing its own high strangeness.

Source: Mirror

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