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Watch: Robot Smashes Rubik's Cube Record

A robot in Germany has crushed the world record for solving a Rubik's cube, accomplishing the task in an astounding .637 seconds.

In that incredibly small time frame, the machine, known as 'Sub1 Reloaded,' captured initial images of the scrambled puzzle, determined the most efficient way to solve it, and instructed its robotic arms to carry out the task.

Video of the record-breaking moment is somewhat breathtaking as the machine springs into action and solves the puzzle in the blink of an eye.

The feat smashed the previous Rubik's Cube record of .887 seconds which was set by a previous incarnation of the machine.

For comparison's sake, the current record time by a human solving the puzzle is a mere 4.9 seconds.

Considering the vast difference between the two times, the only hope for humanity in the Rubik's Cube record race may be the classic trick of peeling off the puzzle's stickers and reapplying them in proper order.

Then again, they'd probably make a robot that could that faster too.

Source: LiveScience

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