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Watch: Rubik's Cube Record Broken

By a razor-thin margin of just .01 second, a young man in Australia captured the world record for the fastest completion of a Rubik's cube.

At an event in Sydney over the weekend, Feliks Zemdegs managed to solve the puzzle in a mere 4.73 seconds, besting the previous record of 4.72 seconds.

Ironically, that title holder, Mats Valk, happened to be sitting next to Zemdegs when the historic moment occurred.

As such, while the video of Zemdegs solving the cube is pretty cool, what may be more fascinating is Valk watching it happen.

Initially playing it cool and ignoring the feat, it slowly dawns on him that his Rubik's crown is being snatched before his very eyes.

An honorable champion, Valk reacts with amazement when Zemdegs finishes the puzzle rather than slapping it out of his hands at the last millisecond in order to preserve the title.

Then again, he may have considered it and Zemdegs was just too fast for him.

While the new record is nowhere close to the .637 second mark set by a robot last month, Zemdegs at least got to feel the thrill of victory.

Source: UPI

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