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Watch: Ruby Seadragon Filmed for the First Time

The breathtaking and mysterious creature known as a 'ruby seadragon' has been captured on film for the first time ever by marine biologists studying off the coast of Australia.

The remarkable fish has had quite the journey over the last few years as it was only first determined to be a new seadragon species in 2015.

And, incredibly, that designation arose via the examination of dead ruby seadragons found in museums!

Since then, the ruby seadragon as existed in an odd state as a creature known to science yet still 'out there' waiting to be found.

Fortunately, the vibrant-looking fish did not keep us waiting for too long as researchers actually filmed two ruby seadragons during an expedition to a remote part of Australia last April.

Not only was filming two of the creatures quite the feat, but the team only had one day to find the fish due to inclement weather.

Nonetheless, they managed to locate the living ruby seadragons and produce some fascinating footage that includes the fish preying on other creatures in the water around them.

Coming so soon after China's 'horse deer' was also filmed for the first time, we can't help but cast an annoyed thought towards our old friend Bigfoot and wonder why it keeps refusing to finally reveal itself.

Source: National Geographic

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