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Watch: Santa 'Flies' Via Giant Drone

In an incredible new video from a YouTube star known for staging elaborate stunts, a snowboarder dressed as Santa takes to the skies and flies via a drone that lifts him off the ground!

Created by Casey Neistat, the remarkable scene first features the filmmaker being towed by the monstrous drone as he snowboards down a mountain in Finland.

Amazingly, the drone then lifts Neistat off the ground and takes him soaring over the ski resort below, created an awesome sight which almost resembles Santa being abducted by a UFO.

According to Neistat, the awesome video was the result of a year-long project aimed at creating a drone which could lift a person, since such UAVs are not commercially available.

Clearly, he succeeded in his mission and produced a mode of transportation almost as magical as Santa's vaunted flying reindeer.

Source: GrindTV

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