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Watch: Security Camera Captures Ghost in Road?

A homeowner in the UK was stunned when his security system seemed to capture footage of a ghost lingering in the road near his property.

In the chilling footage, a somewhat transparent anomalous 'figure' appears to be walking back and forth in the road.

"I was so shocked when I saw it – I couldn’t believe what I was seeing," Ian Hawke told the website News Shopper.

He speculated that the anomaly captured in the footage was the ghost of a child playing in the road or possibly a confused spirit.

While the footage surprised him, Hawke revealed that his home actually has a history of haunted activity.

"I have spirits in my house and my friends have filmed them here in the past," he said.

Expressing a degree of wisdom that can only come from someone who lives in a haunted house, Hawke mused, "I'm not afraid of them. It's the living that hurt you, not the spirits."

Nonetheless, he hopes to find a medium who will investigate the property and possibly shed more light on the identity of the spirits living in the house.

Check out the video and let us know what you think the anomalous 'entity' in the footage might be at our Facebook Page.

Source: News Shopper

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