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Watch: Shopkeeper's Ghost Returns to Browse?

Security camera footage from a vintage clothing store in England may show the ghost of the shop's previous owner seemingly browsing from the great beyond!

The store, known as Hopkinson, had been a family-run business from the 1880's until the last member of that lineage, Mrs. Hopkinson, sold the shop before her passing.

But if the video is to be believed, Mrs. Hopkinson may still have a keen interest in how her old shop is doing despite now residing on the 'other side.'

While re-wiring the security camera system in the store, current owner Liam Woodgates was stunned to see the chilling image of some kind of misty 'figure' perusing the clothes inside the closed shop.

"I thought there must be someone in the building, you hear all these stories of people hiding in shops and breaking out at night. As I looked at it I saw this ghostly figure floating through the rails," he told the Nottingham Post.

Unfortunately, Woodgates is not an aspiring ghost hunter as he opted to let the scene play out rather than investigate the potential apparition.

"I didn't go and check. To be honest, I didn't fancy it. It must have been a friendly ghost because nothing went missing," he mused to the paper.

It appears that this was Mrs. Hopkinson's first documented return to the store in spirit form and, based on their response to the video, employees seem rather uneasy about the prospect of encountering her in the future.

Should the ghost return, let's hope the staff remembers the old adage that the customer is always right ... even if they are dead.

Check out the video and tell us on our Facebook page if you see the ghost of Mrs. Hopkinson or if it merely a trick of light and shadows.

Source: Nottingham Post

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