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Watch: Soul Leaving the Body Captured on Film?

An unnerving piece of security camera footage from a Chinese hospital appears to show a woman's soul leaving her body after she passed away!

The chilling video seems rather mundane at first, showing a nondescript hospital bed simply sitting in a room.

However, around 13 seconds into the clip, an eerie translucent figure appears to sit up from within the woman on the bed.

The anomaly then rises from the gurney before dissipating into the darkness of the room.

Some viewers believe that the remarkable footage shows the woman's soul departing from her body, while skeptical observers contend that it is likely a hoax.

Given the scant amount of information concerning where and when the scene was filmed, it's likely that the true answer as to its nature will remain unsolved.

Check out the haunting video and let us know on our Facebook page what you think happened in the Chinese hospital.

Source: Express

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